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Christmas markets

It is the time of the year that we pack our bags and travel here nearby on several Christmas markets. Every weekend before Santa's visit I and my knits set ourselves to most beautiful surroundings. Like today in Neuvoton village at Hamina. The house where the market took place is build at 1930's: floors, walls and ceiling are all made of wood and today wood with a patina. To warm up the place there is two ancient fireplaces that look like two rusty tin soldiers standing on a corner. Because I just love history and historic stories that pretty old house was just perfect for me and my knits. Next weekend we will be at Strömfors iron mill that is about 300 years old area. But about that market I will tell you next time.

On jälleen aika pakata neuleet mukaan ja matkata mitä ihastuttavimpiin joulunajan tapahtumiin täällä kaakossa. Tänään olimme Haminan Neuvottomassa vanhassa seurojentalo Jukolassa. Patinoituneet hirsiseinät, eriskummalisen konstikkaan näköiset pönttöuunit, iloiset…

Fisherman's gloves

"Do you have gloves for a fisherman?" he asked me. He was over 90 years old man and when he noticed that I was selling knitwear he rushed next to my stand and asked this question. Sadly I couldn't help him at that point. Instead I asked him what kind of would be a perfect glove for a fisherman and he told me. There shouldn't be too much stuff between the fingers just a small thread and he liked the idea of Finnish sheep's wool, that is soft and warm. After meeting this old fisherman I designed my fisherman's gloves. I knit gloves by hand and use Finnwool, natural colors and sizes are woman/man. Fisherman's gloves are available at ApronPocketKnits .

Yli 90 kalastusvuoden kokemuksen mukaan suunnitellut kalastajankäsineet valmistan suomenlampaan villasta käsin, puikoilla neuloen. Yllä olevasta linkistä pujahdat Etsy kauppani ovesta sisään. Lämpimiä kalastus-/puutarha-/torikauppa-/soittohetkiä!

Kitty cat sweater

My little helper asked me to knit her a sweater with a cat image on it. She selected the colors herself and waited eagerly the sweater to finish. And today, with a happy face, she put it on. These projects truly warm my heart <3

I used:
Kotiliesi Käsityö 7/2017 model 26 as a basic
Yarn Novita Nalle 75 % wool 25 % polyamid color 268 and some black, white and rose for embroidery
3 and 4 needles and 3 needle for making ears

Kotiliesi Käsityö 7/2017 lehti, malli 26 pohjana
Lanka Novita Nalle väri 268 ja kissan kasvoihin hieman mustaa, valkeaa ja vaaleanpunaista
Puikot 3 ja 4 ja korviin 3 virkkuukoukku

Pikku apulaiseni toivoi itselleen kissaneuletta. Hän valitsi värit ja kissan nassun suunnittelimme yhdessä. Tänään kissa sai tutustua kouluelämään emäntänsä yllä. Ihania projekteja!

Will there be snow soon?

Frosty mornings are quite promising for snow fairies to appear. While waiting for them you can enjoy cold, sunny autumn days and prepare your self for a lovely winter by knitting something sweet for this season. My homemade customers luckily love knitwear, but scarves need to be soft and no itchy. That is why I used this material (well, rather I would have chosen all alpaca yarn, but this combination was a little bit thicker)

Kuuraiset aamut lupailevat jo lumikeijuja, mutta odotellessamme lunta, voimme nauttia aurinkoisista syyspäivistä ja valmistautua tulevaan lämpimäisiä neuloen. Piiperoiset pitävät neuleista ja heitä haluan helliä ihanan pehmeillä langoilla.

teetee Tundra 70 %alpaca 30 % nylon, colors(värit) 1662 200 g and 7905 50 g
needles(puikot) 3,5
60 LP(s) 4 row K(krs o) and 4 row P(krs n) as long as you have yarn enough to cast off and sew short ends together(lanka loppuun, päättele ja ompele päät yhteen)
Finishing: ironing with steam(suitable for wool) Viimeistely: kevyt h…

Blueberry beanie

There is a couple of customers living here at Apron pocket and time to time they need some new accessories. Of course we are happy to help them. This time a new beanie was asked for and together with the customer we dived into the pool of yarns. As follow we pick up:

Novita Nordic Wool, DK, colors 799 and 561, 100% sheep's wool
Circular needles 3 and 4,5 and cable needle
Novita magazine 3/2016
Design Emma Wright (Apron pocket own modification)
Lining recycled fabric
And here it is after knitting two evenings, Blueberry beanie.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there were two people walking on a path, climbing over pine roots, passing by big woods and dusty hills. If you tamped hard with your feet the dusty path was as it was smoking. She knew that bears and wolves lived also nearby, but luckily she had her grandmother with her. They were going to visit grandmother’s sister and little girl with her bony legs was promised, that tomorrow, when coming back, they would take a bus. First time in a bus!
Night went by, but she slept poorly. That bus, what would it be like? Boy, she would have so much to tell her friends tomorrow. The morning rose and after farewell grandmother told her, that on a sunny day like that it would be a sin to sit in a bus and they were brisk enough to walk back. Grandmother was old and vice, you couldn’t say no to her. While walking, in grandmother’s apron pocket a ball of wool turned round and around and a pair of socks was about to be completed.
A little peek on my mother’s childhood in 1940’s On the l…

Trick or treat - that is the question.

We at Apron pocket ask you to hop in this journey to the knitwear moon. Wellcome on board!
Taskukerä pyörähtää ja toivottaa teidät tervetulleiksi neulematkalle kuuhun!