Fisherman's gloves

"Do you have gloves for a fisherman?" he asked me. He was over 90 years old man and when he noticed that I was selling knitwear he rushed next to my stand and asked this question. Sadly I couldn't help him at that point. Instead I asked him what kind of would be a perfect glove for a fisherman and he told me. There shouldn't be too much stuff between the fingers just a small thread and he liked the idea of Finnish sheep's wool, that is soft and warm. After meeting this old fisherman I designed my fisherman's gloves. I knit gloves by hand and use Finnwool, natural colors and sizes are woman/man. Fisherman's gloves are available at ApronPocketKnits .

Yli 90 kalastusvuoden kokemuksen mukaan suunnitellut kalastajankäsineet valmistan suomenlampaan villasta käsin, puikoilla neuloen. Yllä olevasta linkistä pujahdat Etsy kauppani ovesta sisään. Lämpimiä kalastus-/puutarha-/torikauppa-/soittohetkiä!