Once upon a time

Once upon a time there were two people walking on a path, climbing over pine roots, passing by big woods and dusty hills. If you tamped hard with your feet the dusty path was as if it was smoking. She knew that bears and wolves lived also nearby, but luckily she had her grandmother with her. They were going to visit grandmother’s sister and little girl with her bony legs was promised, that tomorrow, when coming back, they would take a bus. First time in a bus!

Night went by, but she slept poorly. That bus, what would it be like? Boy, she would have so much to tell her friends tomorrow. The morning rose and after farewell grandmother told her, that on a sunny day like that it would be a sin to sit in a bus and they were brisk enough to walk back. Grandmother was old and vice, you couldn’t say no to her. While walking, in grandmother’s apron pocket a ball of wool turned round and around and a pair of socks was about to be completed.

A little peek on my mother’s childhood in 1940’s
On the left side sits my great-grandmother and next to her my grandmother. Photo was taken in the early 1900's. The story above is the root for this blog. It is so nice that you came for a visit!