Winter Snow Frost Lovely

At October I was sceptic about winter coming. Now I have a feeling, that my winter wishes have been heard. We have frosty and frostier days and nights, there is so much snow, that my boot ( that I borrowed from my kid ) wasn't high enough. Every other day it is snowing and I get some free exercise when moving the snow out of the driveways. Fields and forests look like the pictures in storybooks. This has been promised to last several weeks, lucky us.

I heard in radio that our long lasting perfect winter and agonizing hot weather in Australia are just the opposite sides of El Nino. This globe of ours is just that, our. I live here and you live there, but we are on the same planet. And we ought to take care of our one and only, the best we can. All this and more I have been thinking while knitting.

Here is for you some lyrics of an old Finnish folksong, text by Maija Konttinen.

"Rati riti ralla, tuli talvi halla.
Kuuraparta, tuiskutukka, lumiviitta, harmaasukka.
Rati riti ralla, semmoinen on halla."

That is the first verse. Finnish is read as it is written. Good luck!

Talvi kaunokainen saapui iloksemme ja minä, neulomisen lomassa, otan ilon irti lumesta ja pakkasesta. Ihania ulkoilukelejä teille kaikille!