New wintercoat

 I asked my daughter if she would like to have a new coat for coming winter and if it would be ok if mom made one. It had past few years I last time had made a proper coat with three layers of fabrics and shoulder pads. Lovely project.

We gathered ideas and with an image in our head we visited again our local fabric shop. We didn't get the first choice of wool fabric, but the one we used was ok too. I draw the model, cut all fabrics and sew. It took couple of weeks. It is now the first winter like day and she was able to wear her new coat. Because of the middle layer the coat is very warm. 

And Sininen Sopukka, I have been knitting and sewing for Christmas markets coming. I will set my leg warmers, mitts, beanies and more at

Karhulan tori 28.11.2020   9-13

Strömforsin Ruukki 5.-6.12.2020   10-15

Hope to see You there.