On a holiday

Kids had their winter vacation so we visited an island there I had visited with my husband 20 years ago. This time the location was selected so that there is a possibility for kids to swim. During one week we were able to swim, enjoy the sun and warmth, do some shopping, boating, driving a car through various landscapes, hiking, getting to know the tourist attractions and some more.

We enjoyed our stay but for me it was an eye opening week. I have never been in a place where I can hear so many different languages and just little the local language. Restaurants are side by side offering almost the same menu and what else could they do, when serving thousands of customers per day. Environmental issues pop in my mind when using plastic bottles, using the toilet and shower etc. How are they able to recycle the waste that we, the thousands and thousands of us, leave on their small island in the middle of the ocean?

I have a degree in tourism and tourism management. Tourism industry isn't seen as a big financial influencer here in Finland, but it may be in the future. The number of overnight stays grow year after year and companies are short of skilled staff. I would like the branch stay environmentally friendly. I know that recycling is close to us all here in Finland. What I'm worried about is the beautiful nature in Finnish Lapland.  I have lived there two years of my life and in that time I got to know the vulnerable nature, the way of life and  the local people. I'd like to throw a ball to the travel agents so they could see that the winter wonderland is all over  Finland. Did you know that aurora borealis is seen in southern Finland too, when the weather is clear and frosty enough? And summer in Finland, beautiful, but that is an other story.

I knitted one pair of leg warmers during our vacation and was so happy to meet some local crafters. I bought the little purse for me from Telas y a Crear  Thank you for my pretty purse!