Strokable socks

I told you before Christmas about these socks that were an image in my mind and I knit the first pair. Totally I knitted just five pairs and at Christmas markets they had their first appearance in public. My customers they sighed, padded and stroked the socks. They were amazed how a simple, fitted sock can be so beautiful. Some taught that I had knitted socks by a knitting machine. I do have a machine or two that I use for some of my products. But these socks I have knitted with needles because I wanted to make something unique. My dear, dear customers, thank you for your comments, always so positive, through out the years. They warm my heart every time.

On the shelf of my shop there is three of my uniques. ApronPocketKnits

Ennen joulua kerroin sukkaprojektistani. Sukat herättivät ihastusta ensiesiintymisellään. Kiitos asiakkailleni, vuosien varrelta, kannustavasta positiivisesta palautteestanne! Ensiesiintymisestään lumoutuneet sukat ovat nyt kauppani hyllyllä. Piipahda tutustumassa yllä olevasta linkistä.