Snow blast and a hug

The first of January, beginning year 2019 and it is a terrible weather outside. Our daughters have a riding lesson today. Hopefully the weather will settle before that.

I have told you earlier what does Sininen Sopukka mean. Sininen is blue in Finnish. Sopukka is a tiny, cozy corner in a house or even in your heart there you can just snuggle in. A place that gives you a hug. While the weather is like this you just don't have any other choice but curl up in your own Sopukka and that means that I will complete today the first pair of leg warmers this year.

Have a lovely year 2019!

Lumimyräkällä aloitamme vuoden 2019. Koska ei ole pakko sukeltaa myräkkään, käperryn neulesopukkaani ja vuoden ensimmäinen neule on muutamaa kerrosta vaille valmis.

Ihanaa ja halien täyteistä vuotta 2019!


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