11.11. at 11 am

Easy to remember have they thought, maybe. A hundred years after I sit here and wonder, the world has changed for better and worse but we people, we are the same. When reading  and watching the news nowadays it is as reading my history book at school. Same themes just pop up generation after generation and it makes me sad.

Stories at todays paper made me thinking of my pen pals, oh so many years ago. There were Agnes, Lisa, Soner, Solange, Imelda, Egemen, Minal and Mohammed from all over the world. At that time writing for them was exercising my English, but we all wrote about our everyday life and I saw that we are the same where ever we live. Maybe the kings nor vagabonds haven't had any pen pals when growing up because I have to read those sorrow news every week.

And about exercising, that is why I write this blog in English. And it makes me as glad now, when I see some one has red my text, as then, when I picked up a letter in our mailbox.

I have saved a few :)