Kynsikkäät - fingerless gloves

My father had fishing as his hobby and sometimes nearly as his work. I don't like to eat fish nowadays because I have had my share of it when I was a child. My mother knitted several fingerless gloves for my father and he wore them when he was ice fishing or when he had to check out if he had had  some fishes on the fishing net he had put under the ice. His gloves had felted in use and I believe that they were really warm and handy on his winter tasks.

I have been knitting this week some fingerless gloves out of the leftover material I have. Last few years I have been knitting fisherman's gloves that are without fingers. But some customers like better these gloves with a little bit of finger. There is a light grey yarn now in my basket turning into fingerless gloves :)

Isäni talvikalastuskäsineet ovat käväisseet mielessäni neuloessani sormettomia käsineitä. Asiakkaat ovat näitä minulta vuosien varrella kyselleet ja nyt kynsikkäät ovat vallanneet neulekorini. Kynsikkäät on aika mukava sana asusteelle.