Concrete soldiers

Standing in straight line they are like tin soldiers, but they are the base on what the log cabin will be build starting tomorrow. Sooooo exiting! For the professional builders it won't take more than a couple of days and we will have a new summer cottage. Our two little interior designers have designed their rooms to be and I have been dreaming of knitting, watching sunset over the lake or reading my favourite book while listening the birds singing.

The truth will be something else, I know. There will be left some building to do for us next summer too. Outhouse and warehouse need to be updated. But maybe I may knit some, a little while, having some new build pinewood scent cover me.

Betonisotilaat odottavat vahtipaikallaan tulevaa tehtäväänsä ja hirsirakentajat nostavat ensimmäisen puun paikoilleen huomenna. Jännittävää! Hieman puuhaa vielä ja sitten minä, neulekorini ja kesäkirjastoni voimme asettua taloksi. Mielessäni tanssahtelee Audrey Hepburnin Eliza laulaen Lovelyyyyy!