A handyman

Sort of, was I, today at our summer cottage. We are building a new cottage and the old one has to be torn down. My other half has been doing some wall ripping this week and today we emptied the firewood storage so it can be demolished too. When I took some dry firewood from a point A to point B I had a feeling if I was a person in one traditional Finnish story tale: a group of people are building a log house and they forget to make windows. One thinks that they can bring light in in a sack. So they take a sack outside, open it there and close quickly, take the sack inside the house and open it there. After a while they notice that the house is still dark inside, but they are resourceful and figure out an other way to bring the light in. But that you can read in Hölmöläis sadut. I had a feeling that I was a little bit  like them, taking dry firewood outside where they after a rainy day wont be so dry anymore. Well of course we covered them so that a little rain wont do any harm.

I had my knitting basket and a good book with me, but today I didn't have time for them. When carrying firewood I thought that it may take a while I have time for my hobbies at our summer cottage, sigh. But then I will have a brand new porch to sit on and knit, so some wood works, I don't mind :) and after all the best thing is to see the kids have some fun!

Puramme mökkiä, jotta uusi mökki saa saapua samalle sijalle. Tänään tyhjensimme puuvarastoa, että sen voi purkaa. Minulla oli olo kuin hölmöläisellä, kantaessani kuivaa polttopuuta taivasalle. Toki suojasimme syntyneet pinot, mutta mielessäin kuljetin valoa säkissä sisään.

Mukanani oli käsityökorini ja hyvä kirja, vaan eipä taida olla harrasteille aikaa mökkireissuilla tänä kesänä, huokaus. Ehkä ensi kesänä, uudella terassilla :) Ja on ilo katsella, kun piiperoiset nauttivat täysin rinnoin lämpimistä kesäpäivistä.