Olympics 2018

I have skiing in my blood - a teeny-weeny cell. My grandfather, my father and my sister all have loved and love skiing. Every fourth year I set myself in front of the screen and watch men 50 km and women 30 km cross country skiing at the Olympic games. This morning I woke up early to watch how men are competing with each other. Happy, sad, frustrated, tired, agonized faces  and because of that skiing blood in my veins, I was able to feel their pain. Congratulations for all the men that skied today, you are all brave. 50 kilometers at full stretch - it is just crazy!

Pieni hiihtäjä Minna istahtaa aparaatin ääreen joka neljäs vuosi, seuraamaan Olympialaisten pitkän matkan maastohiihtokisoja. Jännitysnäytelmiä kerrakseen - hiihtäjien selkänahasta kiskottuja. Onnea kaikille osallistujille, urheita urheilijoita!

Kuvat ovat vuodelta 1930. Ukkini molemmissa oikealla reunimmaisena.
Pics are taken in 1930. My grandfather on the right side in both pictures.