Selfies - oh no!

Already decades I have wondered what kind of a picture of us people we want to give to the next generation. And I mean really the picture, especially in the fashion branch. Because of my work I read fashion magazines, look at fashion shows and people walking by. I have taught my daughters to see behind the picture and how we all are beautiful in our own way. But now I don't know what to think.

I had to buy myself a new mobile phone because my old one didn't want to work with me anymore. Now I'm learning the possibilities of my new phone and when taking selfies I don't know should I laugh or cry.

The thing wants me to look like 25 years old with smooth cheeks and bright eyes. It did all the changes by it self. I took another pic with other adjustments and still it makes some corrections.

I really don't know what should I think. What does this tell about our era? They are people designing and making these phones. Luckily I still have my camera.

We visited our summer cottage today. The lake is on ice but not yet walkable ice. It looks promising that we'll have a white Christmas.

Itkisinkö vai nauraisinko? Uuden puhelimeni omatoimisuus hämmentää minua. En ole enää 25 vuotias siloposki enkä säihkysilmä. Itsensä kuvaaminen on itsessään jo omituista saatikka, että tekniikka päättää puolestani miltä minun kuuluisi näyttää. Opettelen sekä tekniikkaa että hyväksyntää.

Mökkivierailumme tänään lupaili mahdollisuudesta valkeaan jouluun!